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Transmission Repair Information

Allstate Transmissions specializes in all aspects of quality transmission repair. Our Transmission Service Department is specifically dedicated to transmission repair, from preventative maintenance, to a completely rebuilt transmission installed in your car or truck. Our certified transmission technicians have over 70 years combined experience, not just in the auto repair industry, but exclusively in transmission repair. Our experience, combined with aggressive ongoing training and the best transmission diagnostic and repairequipment possible, lets us tackle even the most complex transmission problems.


Automatic Transmission Information

Whether the transmission is in a front wheel drive car, a rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive truck, it is the most overlooked component of the vehicle. Unfortunately they are the most complex and temperamental component as well. Today’s modern automatic transmissions have various internal hydraulic systems, mechanical systems, cooling systems and electrical systems, that are all inside one component. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why preventative maintenance is so important to your automatic transmission. If just one of the internal systems were to fail it could cause damage to the entire transmission. Most problems can be caught during regular service maintenance and be corrected before the damage is done.

The two most important things you can do to extend the life of your automatic transmission, are, keeping it cool and keeping it free of debris. Transmission service in Phoenix is especially important, due to the harsh environment we drive in. Not only from the intense radiant heat of the road, but also the driving conditions in Phoenix, with the constant stop and go traffic of our over crowded streets and highways.

Every time you accelerate from a stop thetransmission service and repair information in phoenix transmission torque convertor generates heat transferring your engines power to the transmission. Also each time your transmission shifts from one gear to another, internal clutch packs are constantly applying and releasing. The friction generated by the slight slippage from these clutches engaging is transferred to your Automatic Transmission Fluid, or ATF where the viscosity of the oil is broken down. Just as you change your engine oil and filter as often as possible, your automatic transmission benefits from having its fluidand filter changed too.

Not only is it important to replace the ATF, but, as I said above, it is just as important to change the filter as well, it’s there for a reason! Debris is constantly being generated from normal wear of its internal rotating parts. Again just as with your engine oil filter, it traps the small particles that would otherwise damage automatic transmissions. For this reason your filter should be changed as often as possible. We recommend changing your transmission fluid and filter once a year, right after the hot Phoenix summer.


Standard Transmissions

Standard TransmissionsDifferential and Four Wheel Drive Transfer CaseRepair Information

Manual Transmissions / Standard Transmissions,standard transmission / manual transmissionTransfer Case and Rear Differential repair information is categorized under one category, because they’re all maintained and repaired in a similar fashion. All three are sealed units, which means that there is no dipstick for you to check your fluid levels and no easy way to add fluid if you suspect it to be low. Fluid is added or checked from under your vehicle by removing a plug in the side of the component. If any of these drive line pieces were to lose their lubricating fluid, even a small leak overtime, if not found before the fluid level got to low, would definitely cause catastrophic failure. Again, another reason for regular scheduled maintenance. A leak or low fluid condition could be caught before expensive damage can be done.


New Clutch or Clutch Repair?

Standard transmission clutch problemsNew Clutch Set with Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate and Throw Out Bearingcan lead you to think you need a new clutch. This involves removing your transmission and clutch, surfacing your flywheel and installing a new clutch disc, pressure plate and throw-out bearing. Many times, what appears to be a clutch problem can simply be an issue with the components that apply the clutch, including; The clutch fork that releases the clutch, the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder, and on some vehicles, a bad or stretched clutch cable or even just a simple adjustment can seem like a transmission or clutch problem. At Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair, our ASE certified transmission experts can easily diagnose your car or truck clutch problem and make the correct repairs.

Constant Velocity / CV Axle Information

Constant Velocity Axles, or CV Axles, are anotherSet of CV Axles / Constant Velocity Axle Setoverlooked driveline component. Usually they remind you of that by making a clicking noise while turning your front wheel drive car or four wheel drive truck to the left or right. Most people are unaware of the fact that 4×4 trucks have CV axlesin the front. By the time they start making noise, it’s too late, they must be replaced. Ignoring the noise just means eventually they’ll fail altogether and your vehicle, at the least, will quit moving. Or worse yet, they can cause other drive line damage as the CV axlecomes apart. At Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair, during scheduled maintenance, we can regularly inspect your CV boots and give you the opportunity to have them repairedbefore damage to the axle joint can occur. A dry rotted and torn boot lets the axle grease out and the course Phoenixsand in!


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