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Our Phoenix Automatic Transmission
Repair and Services That We Offer

Automatic Transmission

For the different types of Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions,
Automatic Transmission Repairs and Services we perform,
see the following list.


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Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions

  • Stock rebuilt transmissions to meet or exceed factory specs,
  • Heavy Duty rebuilt automatic transmissions, 
  • Three levels of High Performance rebuilt transmissions,
  • Custom transmissions rebuilt to your specific application,
  • Reconditioned replacement transmissions,
  • Cary out, off the shelf reconditioned / rebuilt transmissions,

    Automatic Transmissions Upgrades and Updates

  • Lube upgrades
  • Factory updates
  • Sonnax kit upgrades
  • Transmission Control Module / TCM program updates down loaded
  • Deep, extra capacity pans
  • Extra clutch disc packs
  • HD Red Alto clutches
  • HD Kolene steels
  • Billet input shaft
  • Billet output shaft
  • Billet drum
  • Billet torque converter
  • Performance upgrades
  • Diesel upgrades

Automatic Transmission Valve Body Repair and Replacement

  • Valve body cleaned, rebuilt and installed
  • Reprogram kit Installation
  • Shift kits installed
  • Update kits installed
  • Valve body upgrades performed
  • Remanufactured valve replacement

Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Service and Repair

  • Stock Replacement torque converter
  • Low Stall torque converter
  • Heavy Duty upgraded torque converter with torrington bearings and furnace brazed fins
  • Anti Ballooning billet backing plate torque converter
  • High Stall performance torque converter
  • Custom Built ( Non L/U, etc.) torque converter
  • Diesel Multiple Disc torque converter with dual or triple lock disc packs

Automatic Transmission Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Transmission filter and pan gasket service
  • Standard ATF transmission fluid service
  • Synthetic ATF transmission fluid service
  • Special maintenance schedules available
  • Economy transmission cooler installation
  • Heavy Duty Cross Flow transmission cooler installation
  • Deep, extra ATF capacity transmission pan installation

Automatic Transmission Diagnostics

  • Transmission Data Trouble Codes /DTC interpretation and diagnostics (OBDII and OBDI)
  • Internal transmission pressure diagnostics
  • Torque converter problems diagnosed
  • Internal transmission mechanical failure diagnostics
  • Transmission related electrical problems diagnosed
  • Transmission leaks diagnosed

Automatic Transmission Electrical Repair Services

  • Internal transmission wiring harness repair
  • Case connector replacement
  • Transmission Control Module / TCM reprogramming
  • Shift solenoid replacement
  • Solenoid pack replacement
  • Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid / EPC replacement
  • Manual Lever Position Sensor / MLPS adjustment or replacement
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor / VSS replacement
  • Input or Output Speed Sensor replacement
  • Pulse generators replaced
  • Throttle Position Sensor / TPS adjustment or replacement
  • Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid Replacement

Automatic Transmission Adjustments

  • Transmission manual linkage adjustment
  • Throttle Valve / TV cable adjustment
  • Transmission band adjustment
  • Pressure Regulator / PR valve adjustment

Automatic Transmission Leak Repair Services

  • In-car transmission leak repairfor possible;
    • pan gasket failure,
    • filler tube boot or o-ring,
    • kick down / throttle valve cable boot or o-ring,
    • sensor o-rings,
    • shift shaft seal,
    • axle shaft seal or rear output shaft seal,
  • Complete transmission removal and reseal,

Transmission Differential Repair

  • Complete differential repair or replacement
  • Differential bearing replacement
  • Ring and pinion gear replacement
  • Spider gear replacement