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Diagnosing Transmission Problems

At Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair of Phoenix, we abide by a very strict set of standard operating procedures. In order to assure our level of quality transmission repairand customer service, every member of our team understands that these procedures must be followed at all times.

For that reason, every vehicle we perform our diagnostics on must be entered into our data base for future reference. Even if it’s just a quick scan and test drive around the block to see what kind of transmission problems you’re having. Our technicians must gather all the vehicle information, including the; year, make, Snap-On Transmission Scan Tool at Allstate Transmissions in Phoenix model, engine size, transmission type, VIN number and mileage. Then our technician will note the transmission’s condition and a few other items before all the information is entered into our data base for future reference.

Our technicians are given a proprietary form we refer to as the TWS (Tech Work Sheet) with all the symptoms our customers have relayed to us before the diagnostics begin. We have a specific work sheet to diagnose transmission problems, and one for auto repair problems. The transmission repair TWS focuses on all the functions of the transmission as well as related items that can cause what may appear to be transmission problems.

All the information our transmission technician gathers during the visual inspection and the transmission scan and test drive is recorded on the TWS along with the technician’s recommended repair and the parts needed to repair the problem. The more informationabout your transmission problems our technicians can supply our service advisers, the easier it will be for the service adviser to explain the root cause of your transmission problems.

Our goal is to help you make the best informed decision about your transmission repair. That’s why it is so important to have a certified technician, experienced with transmission problems, perform the diagnostics and interpret the results. This is another reason for continued advanced training for our technicians and supplying them with the best possible equipment to test and repair transmissions. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive or how quickly a repair is performed if the initial diagnostics are performed incorrectly.


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