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REVIEW BY BEATS123  6/13/2013

5 Star Rating, I noticed that my Avalanche was leaving puddles in my driveway. Allstate transmission and auto repair found a leak and fixed it by the next day. Service was great and no more leaks. Thanks guys!
5 Star Rating From Super Pages



5 Star Rating, Great customer service and completely stress-less. I used the coupon for free towing on their website but still wasn’t sure if it was a ploy or not at all, like I said-stress free!
5 Star Rating From AZ Central



5 Star Rating, Great work fixing my transmission, I couldn’t be more pleased with their work, repair price and customer service. I highly recommend Allstate Transmission for transmission work.
5 Star Rating From YellowBot



5 Star Rating, Very impressed with service, facilities and the way they did business. The Tranny went out on my 1990, F150 Ford pickup. Called Allstate, over the phone they gave me firm price, with no surprises. The tranny works better now than it did before. Thanks, Mitch you’re a great example on how to run a business. Five stars…..
5 Star Rating From Google


REVIEW BY JERRY R.  2/8/2012

5 Star Rating, I highly recommend Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair for their honesty. I Thought I had a transmission problem on my Ford F150, turns out I only needed a tune-up, which these guys took care of for alot less than the dealer was going to charge. Truck is running great, Thanks.
5 Star Rating From Manta


REVIEW BY CARY  1/11/2012

5 Star Rating, Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair did a great job fixing the transmission in my 98 Dodge Caravan. I recommend them for their honesty and quality transmission repair. This is the shop I’ll use if I need any other transmission work, A+ all the way.
5 Star Rating From Phoenix-AZ.Chamber of Commerce


REVIEW BY JOHN K.  12/23/2011

5 Star Rating, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for transmission work, great prices, great customer service and great work. Definitely a 5 star transmission shop.
5 Star Rating From Yahoo


REVIEW BY LESLIE H.  12/16/2011

5 Star Rating, My 2010 Honda was in such a bad accident, that even my transmission was actually broken. The body shop that repaired my car uses Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair for all their transmission work. They had them put a new transmission in my Honda, and it and it came out perfect. I use my car for my business, and I can’t afford to have any transmission problems. I was very impressed with their work, I’ll be using them for all my transmission work from now on.
5 Star Rating From BBB


REVIEW BY JIM C.  10/19/2011

5 Star Rating, Allstate transmission and auto repair fixed my transmission in my Maxima, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a transmission work. Their customer service was great, very willing to explain everything without being pushy, a big plus in my book! The transmission works perfect and the price to fix it was good too. My all around rating is 5 stars for sure.
5 Star Rating From City Search



5 Star Rating, I started having transmission problems with my 05 Chevy P/U, it has over 200,000 miles on it and I had the transmission rebuilt once before. My first experience with a trans shop was a disaster, so I wanted to do my homework first this time. After looking at reviews on line for a good transmission shop in Phoenix and talking to a couple of them on the phone, I decided to have it checked out by Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair. They had a lot of good reviews and after talking to Mitch, I felt comfortable. The bad news; they had to rebuild the transmission in the truck. The good news; they stood by the quote and got it finished on time. The reviews were definitely reflective of their shop, no run around. My transmission works perfect, it was under $1,500 and came with a warranty. I can easily recommend them for transmission work, but do your homework first if you can’t take my word for it.
5 Star Rating From Auto MD


REVIEW BY MIKE  9/28/2011

5 Star Rating, An honest transmission shop in Phoenix, who knew? These guys have restored my faith. Great work, price, quality and customer service5 stars in my book!
5 Star Rating From Facebook



5 Star Rating, I had my transmission repaired 3 times by a shop that closed up, and then my transmission quit working again. I took my car to Allstate Transmissions and they fixed it the first time with no problems. It was nice working with them, they were very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone with transmission problems.
5 Star Rating From Insider pages


REVIEW BY BRIAN P.  5/21/2011

5 Star Rating, My car broke down while I was working in the Biltmore area (clutch went out). Being new out here, I had no idea of where to take it. So…. Yelp to the rescue! Of all the shops on Yelp in the area, this is the only one that consistent positive reviews, and I can see why. It was getting late, and right at closing time for the shop. I called and got a hold of one of the owners Jeff. He was very attentive when listening to my car probs, and knew what the issue was, just by the description. Here’s where it gets good, he offered to stay and wait for me to bring my car in! Then he arranged for my towing and everything. The shop can also line you up with a decent deal on a rental, if you’re in during business hours. They completed the repair on my car a lot quicker than I expected. Since then I’ve put 1500 miles on the car with no problems.

On a side note, I’m a novice car guy, and enjoy vehicles. I would consider Allstate one of my go to shops for a couple of other reasons at this point. Mitch, the other owner, took the time to break down the clutch and flywheel for me and showed me how everything worked together. Both owners have ‘project cars’ that they work on outside of work. Also two of the other employees drive the same car as me, and also have them lightly modded.

Just remember, it has been said, “A good mechanic is harder to find than a good doctor.”
5 Star Rating From Yelp



5 Star Rating, Recently bought a cheap vehicle needing work. Brought it in for an evaluation and after running a few tests they were able to tell me what I needed immediately, and outlined a plan of action for the future to bring my poor vehicle back to life and keep it running. Found the staff friendly and knowledgeable… and they even have this great website where you can record and track your vehicle’s health. Good people. I highly recommend it to all.
5 Star Rating From AZ Family


REVIEW BY TINA S.  2/25/2011

5 Star Rating, Allstate transmission has went above and beyond to provide me with excellent customer service, fair pricing, and quality repair work for my Dodge Intrepid’s transmission rebuild.. I’d recommend them to anyone needing transmission work on their vehicle.. Thanks again..
5 Star Rating From Dex Knows


REVIEW BY STEVE J.  2/3/2011

5 Star Rating, Allstate rebuilt a race ready street 200-R4 Transmission for my 2200 lb performance car. It is behind a Super-Charged SBC Chevy motor and I don’t cut it any slack. I am very impressed with their work and advice / knowledge to give me the best trans for my application. Thanks again Allstate.
5 Star Rating From Yellow Book


REVIEW BY NSME  1/18/2011

5 Star Rating, I actually was driving down 27th ave and I drove past Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair. As I passed it, I realized I was overdue for my oil change. When I got to work I looked up their phone number and called to make an appointment. I schedule the next day and they were quick and efficient. They also do an inspection and noticed my coolant needed to be serviced before summer. I am going back next week to have it done. I would never go anywhere else as this shop is honest and is truly a one stop shop!
5 Star Rating From Repair Pal


REVIEW BY DAN D.  10/9/2010

5 Star Rating, I started having problems with the transmission in my 2004 Chevy 1500, and the dealer told me I needed a new transmission. I checked the web for transmission shopsall around Phoenix and made some calls. The cost for a rebuilt transmission from the Chevy dealership and even AAMCO was more than my truck was worth! The rest of the shops I found in Phoenix gave me the run around and seemed very shady. My regular mechanic referred me to Allstate transmission and auto repair. I called them Tuesday morning and the quote was very reasonable and their price automatically included a new torque converter (which several people suggested I get). They had my vehicle towed to their shop later that afternoon. I was shocked when they called Thursday afternoon and was told my vehicle was ready to go! I picked my truck up Friday morning and was very happy with their outstanding customer service and the bill was exactly what they quoted me. The truck drives perfectly! Thanks guys!
5 Star Rating From My Fox Phoenix


REVIEW BY DWAIN H.  9/30/2010

5 Star Rating, I have been taking my vehicles to this shop for some time now and I would not consider taking them anywhere else. its a one stop shop, you can get your transmissionfixed and any other small or major repair done.
5 Star Rating From Merchant Circle



5 Star Rating, They will honor their workmanship – period – and you will not get a better price. They do great work and the price is the best in town for a reliable established company. Times a tough, he will do it right….
5 Star Rating From YP Yellowpages



5 Star Rating, Good guys – honest and competent We were stiffed by a used car salesman. The car we purchased had a rebuilt transmission and we suspected a problem with it after purchasing the car. We went to the group who put in the transmission for the dealer. They told us that the dealer never fully paid for the work, so technically there was no warranty. However, they said that they would honor it anyway. They completely went through the tranny; taking it completely apart and inspecting everything – all at no cost to us. I was amazed at their customer service and the tranny seems to be fine. I think these guys (Mitch and crew) are honest and understand customer service. I’d recommend them highly.
5 Star Rating From Google

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