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1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Project Car at Allstate Transmissions Phoenix

1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6


Our project Chevelle‘s photo history starts in the body shop where an expert frame off attack on the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Clone is moving along at a good pace. As you probably noticed, I tried to slip the word “CLONE” in without anyone being the wiser, but for those of you who are Chevelle fanatics, I’m sure it stood out like a sore thumb. I know there are alot of people out there that hate clones, and are probably clicking off the page right now, but at least that should make those of you happy who hate to see a true SS chopped up. Either way, I think most people are like me and just want to see a car reach its full potential. This 1970 Chevelle SS 454 with a true LS6 BBC engine wont disappoint anyone when finished.

The Chevelle started life as a 1971 Malibu with a stock SBC 350 engine, an automaticTH350 Transmission, and a Chevy 10 bolt rear differential with open 3.07 gears. After it’s short life as a family car, it was sold to a Chevelle lover who added a little extra power to the SB Chevy with a nice Edelbrock performance dual plane aluminum intake manifold, a 650 Holley Carb, a set of Headman headers, a couple turbo mufflers in a dual exhaust system, a shift kit for the transmission and as much chrome as it took to make up for any lack of performance, although I’m told it definitely perked up the Chevelle’s 1971 smog engine. With just a little more work, a decent performance cam and a little lower rear gear, it could have held its own with most performance muscle cars of that era.

The 1970 Chevelle SS 454 was hidden behind the 71 SBC 350 Chevelle when found stored in a garage on Whidbey Island, an island in the Puget sound just North West of Seattle, Washington. The Chevelle went into storage, a 3 year sentence for a Chevelle who’s only fault was being owned by someone who didn’t have the time for it. Luckily for the 71 Chevy Chevelle Malibu, the hidden 70 SS 454 BBC could be seen through the mess. The mess wasn’t the fuel system full a varnish, the dry rotted tires or even the rusted paint and body from the sea water that was less than a mile away, but it was the black interior. Black interior in an old Chevelle isn’t a bad thing, unless the interior of the Chevelle was green when it went into storage, along with an overlooked bag of oranges behind the front seat. Apparently after 3 years of being sealed up in a car with plenty of food, fruit fly pooh turns everything a pretty ugly shade of black.

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View parts of our Chevelle’s image diary

Chevelle Engine


Image Diary Part 1)
Some of the BBC engine parts for our Chevelle.

Chevelle Suspension Parts


Image Diary Part 2)
Some of our Chevelle’s performance suspension parts.

Body Work on The 1970 Chevelle


Image Diary Part 3)
Custom paint and body work on the body and smoothed firewall.

The Chevelle Body Back on The Frame


Image Diary Part 4)
Our Chevelle’s drivetrain gets it’s body back.

1970 Chevelle Interior Work


Image Diary Part 5)
The interior work gets started with new wiring, dash and shifter.

Blue and Silver Chevelle Paint is Finished


Image Diary Part 6)
Our Chevelle project car comes Out Of final paint.

Fuel Injection For The BBC 454 Engine


Image Diary Part 7)
A new FAST fuel injection system for our Chevelle’s BBC.

The Chevelle Body of For Powder Coating


Image Diary Part 8)
The body comes back off for some powder coating and detail work.

The Chevelle Frame Gets Black Powder Coating


Image Diary Part 9)
The Chevelle’s frame, suspension parts and exhaust get powder coated.

Frame and Suspension Assembly on The Chevelle


Image Diary Part 10)
Re-assembly starts with the powder coated suspension parts.

1970 chevelle ss 4l80e transmission and 454 motor installed


Image Diary Part 11)
The Chevelle’s BBC is detailed and installed with our 4L80E Transmission.

New Undercoating on The 70 Chevelle


Image Diary Part 12)
New undercoating for the body before getting put back on it’s frame.


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